01/01/2021 Eco Yoga Mat – UK – Top 6

Eco Yoga Mat – UK – Top 6

Practising Yoga encourages you to live your life in a much more conscious way, making choices that are best for your mind, body and spirit, and also for the planet. So what better way to show kindness and compassion to Mother Earth than by choosing an eco-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic eco yoga mat in the UK? We’ve gathered together our top ten eco yoga mats in the world so you don’t get overwhelmed by the choices out there and can focus on what really counts.

Made from sustainable materials and available in such stunning colours, you can choose from premium cork yoga mats, natural rubber yoga mats and even those backed with a specially designed jute to provide grip, comfort and stability for the most challenging of yoga asanas.

#1. Triniti Hemp Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for an eco yoga mat that provides wonderful grip when you’re enjoying your yoga practice and is also great for the environment, try this one from Eco Yoga.

Made from 100% natural latex with a jute surface, it does have a texture different to most yoga mats you’ve ever tried but you’ll soon see that it’s a fantastic design feature which combines cloth and sticky mat in one.

Great for all styles of yoga, and it’s 100% biodegradable too, making it an incredible addition to your eco yoga practice.

Price: £££


  1. Combines cloth and sticky mat in one
  2. Provides extra grip
  3. 100% biodegradable


  1. May degrade more quickly under heavy use
  2. Pricey

#2. IUGA Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

This lightweight and sustainable yoga mat is perfect if you often travel to yoga retreats or you simply want something more travel-friendly to slip into your mat bag.

It’s excellent for all styles of yoga practice, looks stunning and will last you for years. Perfect!

Available in green only

Price: ££


  1. Lightweight
  2. Perfect for travel


  1. May degrade more quickly under heavy use

#3: Heathyoga Eco Friendly 6mm Thick SGS Certified

Heathyoga have been creating high-quality, yogi-approved yoga products for over 10 years and you can really tell.

They really know what goes into creating an awesome yoga mat which doesn’t just look good and treat the environment better- it also helps improve your alignment and provide exactly the right amount of support and cushioning.

Made from SGS-certified TPE material instead of latex, PVC or any other toxic or harmful materials, this rubber yoga mat is eco-friendly, recyclable and created to last!

Available in dark purple, blue, grey, lime green or teal

Price: ££


  1. Longer and wider than most yoga mats
  2. Comes with a 1 year and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  3. Beautiful eye-catching colours and design


  1. None

#4: Liforme Yoga Mat

Protect your ‘boney bits’, improve your alignment and be kind to the planet by choosing this revolutionary high-quality natural yoga mat by Liforme.

Created using 100% natural, sustainable rubber with an added cushioning portion, you’ll enjoy better support, you won’t slip around in your downward facing dog and you’ll wonder what took you so long to invest in one of these stunning yoga mats.

It’s also slightly larger than most run-of-the-mill yoga mats so you can enjoy greater freedom in your yoga practice.

Although the price is slightly higher than many other mats, this is a fantastic eco-friendly yoga mat which ticks all the boxes and will last for years.

Available in blue, green, grey or pink

Price: £££


  1. The colours are amazing!
  2. Unique ‘AlignForMe’ alignment system
  3. Eco-friendly and toxin-free


  1. Might not be affordable for all budgets


#5: Boshiho Cork Yoga Mat

You might have read about this gorgeous premium cork yoga mat on blogs, or seen it featured on Instagram because it’s absolutely amazing!

Created using a combination of 100% eco-friendly natural cork and TPE material, it’s recyclable, easy to clean, free from chlorine, phthalates and heavy metals, waterproof and excellent for both indoor and outdoor yoga practices.

We love the fact that it rolls up really small for travel, it’s perfectly padded for your yoga needs and it won’t get sweaty and smelly after a hot yoga session either. Brilliant!

Available in multicolour or black

Price: ££


  1. Perfect for vegan yogis
  2. Lightweight and compact
  3. Provides a great antimicrobial protection


  1. None

#6: Yogamatters Eco Travel Yoga Mat

Next time you’re off on your adventures or you’re doing ‘yoga with a view’, pop this stylish, compact and ultra-light eco yoga mat into your bags.

Weighing in at just over 700g and made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber and free from toxic colours and dyes, this recyclable and biodegradable mat from Yogamatters is amazing.

Despite measuring just 1mm thick, it’s also surprisingly durable and will help you stick to your yoga practice wherever in the world you might be.

(Psssst! Their yoga blocks are amazing too. Check them out!)

Available in slate grey, ocean green, dark navy, flame orange and grape

Price: £££


  1. Incredibly lightweight
  2. 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  3. Free from toxic rubbers and dyes


  1. Could be too thin for some
  2. High price tag

There’s no need to search high and low for the best eco yoga mat on the market because we’ve done all the hard work for you. The only problem now is which one of these eco yoga mat in the UK will you choose?

Of course, you may want something even more natural than an Eco Yoga Mat? In which case, check out our guide to Yoga Rugs.

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