Sesame Oil (Sesame Oil) for Skin (Face & Body Care), Hair, Body Massage Oil, Anti-Hair Loss Oil, Firming Oil – 1000 ml 35.19fl oz Price: £19.66 (as of 08:40 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

✴️ HAIR OIL – Prevents hair loss and controls scalp dryness. Create your own sesame oil mask to moisturise hair and stop hair loss.
✴️ NATURAL REJUVENATING – Sesame oil rejuvenates the skin. It penetrates quickly and neutralises free radicals. Revitalises the skin and is applied to anti-sagging treatments for its skin firming properties. High in vitamin E, it helps prevent wrinkles.
✴️ MASSAGE OIL – Can be used as a neat oil or in massage blends with other essential oils. Ideal oil for the prevention of stretch marks.


Sesame Seed Oil Is Known As The Queen Of Oils.
The healing oil. Organic Sesame Seed Oil is a potent antioxidant. It penetrates into the surface quickly and neutralizes oxygen radicals.
Anti Ageing Handle Skin. Real Youthing strategy for dry skin.
1001 Advantages – Sesame seed oil is helping joints keep their flexibility. It helps to keep the surface supple and soft. It heals and protects areas of mild scrapes, cuts and abrasions. It is helping tighten facial skin, in particular across the nose, controlling the standard enlargement of pores as skin ages chronologically.
Massage Carrier Oil – When the use of the oil as a massage oil, stroke the long limbs up and down. Use circular motions over all joints to stimulate the natural energy of the ones joints.

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