The Way of Thomas: Insights for Spiritual Living from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas


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Want spiritual transformation, but turned off by dogmatic religion? Discover the original, mystical teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, the most important book left out of the Bible.

Are you looking for a life-giving spirituality, but feel disillusioned by organized religion? Does “the church” seem more like the problem than the solution? Are you attracted to Jesus, but not so much to the tradition built up around him?

You’re not alone—the earliest and most reliable collection of Jesus’ teachings, The Gospel of Thomas, says much the same thing. Yet it also contains the seeds of a profound mysticism that can transform our view of the universe—and ourselves.

Seminary professor Dr. John R. Mabry has been studying and teaching the lost Gospel of Thomas for 20 years and has discovered the key that unlocks the secret of Jesus’ earliest and most mystical teachings, revealing a Jesus who is more like a Zen master than a savior, and whose teachings present something very much like a native Jewish school of Buddhism.

The Way of Thomas offers a crystal clear, easy-to-understand new version of the Gospel of Thomas. Dr. Mabry, an expert in the mysticism of the world’s religions, then unpacks the core teachings of the Gospel in ways that can shift not only how we understand ourselves, but how we view reality itself. At the end of every chapter, Dr. Mabry provides step-by-step exercises for how to achieve the shifts in perception that lead to transformation and illumination.

In this book, you’ll discover:

   • there is only one thing in the universe, and you are that thing

   • how to see what is right in front of you, so that what is hidden will be revealed

   • what “the kingdom” means, and how you can live in it right now

   • truth does not come from outside ourselves, but from within

   • how to escape “the system” and to be truly free

The Way of Thomas is packed with profound insights and practical advice for spiritual practice. If you like books that change the way you see the world and invite you into deep mindfulness, you will love The Way of Thomas.

Give yourself the gift of this book today and start walking The Way of Thomas!

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