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Has your time in God’s Word become flat or uninspired?  Want to get more out of reading the Bible?  Spice up your spiritual life with this simple Bible study method.  Learn how to dig in to Scripture and spend quality time with God.

Best selling author and long-time Bible teacher Dennis C Stevenson Jr delivers an easy-reading and practical study approach that readers of all experience levels will find helpful.

Begin with the basics and build a strong foundation.  You’ll learn the simple yet effective study techniques that enable you to read and understand Scripture. As your skill grows, you’ll gain ever deeper insights into God’s Word that draw you closer to Him.

This book contains a guided study so you can practice what you’ve learned. Follow the step-by-step plan to study for yourself, then compare your results with the expert study notes to enhance your insight. When you see how much you’ve grown, you won’t want to wait for your next study.

In Study the Bible Six Easy Steps you’ll learn:

  • The benefits and value of studying the Bible
  • How to choose the right type of study for different circumstances
  • A step-by-step plan to complete your Bible study
  • How to use helpful resources that will enhance your study
  • A checklist to start your next Bible study

Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps is a clear and concise guide for people who want to grow spiritually by engaging God’s Word. If you’re looking for a practical plan, simple study tools and a coach who’s concerned that you “get it,” then you’ll love Dennis C Stevenson Jr’s approach.

Get your copy today and start studying your Bible.

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