Healing Crystals for Use as Chakra Stones and Worry Stones for Grounding Balancing Soothing Meditation Reiki

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Assortment Set of 7 Gemstones, tumbled and well polished:
Green: Aventurine
Pink: Rose Quartz
Brown: Tiger’s eye
Colorless: Clear Quartz
Red: Jasper
Violet: Amethyst
Blue: Sodalite

A beautful purple velvet pouch for storage and carrrying is also included in your package.

These 7 natural stones (crystals, quartzs) are smooth, soothing, and full of potent stone energies. Each soothing stone is approximately 0.6″ – 1.4″ (18 – 35mm), right size to fit in the palm of a hand yet powerful enough to absorb creeping anxiety and other negative feelings, and bring enlightenment along with empowerment to body, mind and spirit.

They’re great pocket stones, and they make a meaningful gift.

What for?
1) Healing crystals / Healing stones.
2) 7 Chakras stones.
3) Reiki.
4) Massage.
5) Worry stones.
6) Decoration.

Given the unique and nature of these 100% natural gemstones, the size, shape and color may vary from the ones shown in the pictures.

Assorted set of 7 palm stones crystals (quartz): Aventurine (green), Rose Quartz (pink), Clear Quaratz (colorless), Tiger’s Eye (brown), Amethyst (violet), Jasper (red), Sodalite (blue).
Each stone is approximately 0.6 – 1.4 inch (18 – 35mm) at its widest points but the stone size, color and shape can vary slightly since this gemstone is is created naturally and each one is unique. Please expect slight variations.
Can be used as healing stones, worry stones, Chakra stones, soothing stones, palm stones, or in Reiki, massage or decoration. Excellent stress relievers.
Comes with a beautiful purple jewelry pouch to store the stones.
100% natural and genuine.

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