Gya Labs Cinnamon Cassia Essential Oil for Muscle Aches (10ml) – Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oil – Perfect for Aromatherapy, Pain Relief, Boosted Defenses & Uplifted Moods – Use in Diffuser or on Skin Price: £9.99 (as of 08:35 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

Sweet Spice – Our cinammon essential oils perspire a warm and spicy scent that reminds you of cinnamon sticks. With notable sweet woodsy notes, our essential oils cinnamon relieve aches, boost overall health and uplift mood.
Diffuse or Topical – Use organic cassia cinnamon essential for diffuser to boost your defenses, or inhale directly to uplift mood. Blend pure cinnamon essential oil with carrier oils for topical use to relieve pain.
Relieve Pain and Sore Muscles – The warming nature of cassia cinnamon essential oil improves natural circulation for the body to alleviate cramps and aches. Experience endless comfort all day long and move freely again with cinnamon oils refill.


[SPICED & WARM] Sit beside a healing hearth as a touch of spiced warmth finds its aroma grounded within earthy comfort.
[RENEWED POSITIVITY] Feel the familiar comfort of renewed optimism gently wash away the troubles of the day.
[GENTLY BALANCE] Restore the body’s inner balance as cassia oil embraces the health in whole with kind warmth.
[PURIFY] Cinnamon cassia essential oil gently cleanses away for clarifying beauty that radiates from within.
Cinnamon oil for diffuser usage is perfect for aromatherapy and can also be used as a topical oil blend.