Gya Labs Frankincense Essential Oil for Meditation – Frankincense Oil for Skin Care – 100 Pure Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy -10ml Price:  £9.99 (as of 07:36 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

Warm Balsamic – Our frankincense oil for candles has a warm and woodsy aroma with balsamic spice notes. These essential oils frankincense balance the mind and reduce signs of mature skin for face.
Diffuse or Topical – Use sacred frankincense essential oil for diffuser during meditation to balance mood. Blend frankensence essential oil with carrier oils to tighten skin and soothe irritations.
Enjoy Peace of Mind – By using frakensense essential oil organic, the divine scent calms your thoughts and balance inner peace. Experience renewed focus with a calm mind as you take on anything.


[WARM BALSAMIC] Quietly sail into divine tranquility as the aroma of balsamic notes blends sweetly with hints of fruit.
[RECENTER & CALM] Find the calm center of peace as relaxation gives way to serene moments of restful sleep.
[NOURISH & TIGHTEN] Tap into the beauty of the eternal frankincense essential oil as it nourishes the skin to restore the glow of youth.
[RESTFUL SLEEP] Frankincense oil gently calms the senses to ease away the troubles of the day for more restful nights.
Combine frankincense and myrrh essential oil for use within an aromatherapy diffuser, a topical oil blend, and massage therapy.