Gya Labs Tea Tree Essential Oil (10ml) – Fresh, Herbaceous Scent


IF BREAKOUTS ARE TAKING A TOLL ON YOUR CONFIDENCE, tea tree oil might be the remedy you’re searching for. Tea tree essential oil is packed with cleansing properties for fewer breakouts and oil-free skin to restore a clear complexion.
OUR TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL for clearing breakouts is CRUELTY-FREE and QUALITY ASSURED for renewing healthy skin. Gya Labs tea tree oil essential oil has a leafy and herbaceous scent that lingers, but doesn’t overpower. This makes it the perfect essential oil for use on skin or with a diffuser. Not to mention that it’s highly affordable and therefore one of the best essential oils in the market.
WORKS WONDERS WITH EUCALYPTUS OIL FOR PURIFIED FACES AND SPACES. As a diffuser blend, tea tree and eucalyptus are a purifying duo that cleans the air and supports easy breathing. These oils are also rich in nourishing properties to heal irritated skin, restoring it to perfection. Simply mix 3 drops with 2 drops of eucalyptus and 2 tbsps of jojoba oil for a gentle blend that delivers all-day protection.


Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oil has a stature of being known as a mighty skin panacea with deep cleansing properties. Guarded and handed across generations, this natural elixir is one of nature’s most powerful natural remedy for tranquility, healing and balance.


Radiating a fragrance characteristic of middle notes with a medium aroma – freshening with a hint of healing herbal scent.

Key Benefits

  • For glowing skin and beautiful clean hair, tea tree oil is the perfect candidate to restore the balance and nurture your skin and hair.
  • Tea Tree Oil is a superb healer and perfect for treating wounds and acne.
  • A boost to your immunity and wellbeing, Tea Tree Oil targets blood circulation and is wonderful for smoother, relaxing breathing and to unwind after a hectic day.


  • For that morning healthy glowing skin, use a few drops with your facial wash. Let it combat your acne blues away and give way to a radiant skin!
  • Rise and shine and bid adieu to cuts or sores by applying a few doses on the affected areas.
  • Apply it to your shampoo, and the Tea Tree oil moisturuzes the scalp and treating flaky skin or dandruff woes.
  • For an invigorating, deeply therapeutic massage session, let out a few drops and allow it to purify your skin.
  • Breathe in relaxation, breathe out stress. Inhale for at least 30 seconds or as needed.
  • Mix with water, vinegar and lemon essential oil and use it on household appliances, the shower, toilet and sink for that fresh space and comfort.
  • Enjoy its high versatility – apply it on any of your clothing, fabric, shoes or on yourself!

[HERBACEOUS] Caress the skin in a cooling breeze of purity carried by an aroma deeply herbaceous yet subtly fresh.
[CALMING] Gently set aside the worries of the day to relax in a rejuvenating haven of calm clarity.
[BLEMISH-FREE] Deeply cleanse away acne for a clear beauty that is blemish-free & radiant with tea tree oil for acne.
[DEEPLY CLEANSE] Purify oily scalp & gently nourish the strands with pure tea tree oil for hair.
Tea Tree essential oil is perfect for use within an aromatherapy diffuser, a topical oil blend, and massage therapy.
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