Gya Labs Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil for Stress Relief, Relaxation, Sleep – Sweet French Vanilla Oil for Comfort, Romance -100 Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Vanilla Oil for Diffuser- 10ml Price:  £6.99 (as of 07:37 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

Sweet and Creamy – Our essential oil vanilla bean perspire sweet creamy aroma that reminds you of vanilla ice creams. With hints of warm floral notes, our vanilla oil essential comforts your spirits and inspire loving moments, or use vanilla oil for lips.
Diffuse or Topical – Use pure essential oils vanilla scent to uplift your mood and inspire loving moments with your beloved partner. Blend vanilla oleoresin in skincare to nourish skin with enticing sweet scent, or use vanilla essential oil for candles.
Increase Love and Passion – The sweet scent of vanilla essential oil for diffuser comforts your mood and evoke long lasting romance. Indulge in longer, happy moments with your partner using vanilla essential oils on your body or vanilla oil for soap.


[SWEET & CREAMY] Embrace a passionate, aromatic blend of floral sweetness with creamy hints of calming warmth.
[INSPIRE INTIMACY] Inspire a haven of peace & evoke passion for life’s more intimate moments.
[PURIFY & CLEANSE] Use vanilla oil to deeply cleanse for healthier, clearer skin without over-drying.
[TIGHTEN & SMOOTH] Gently reduce the signs of aging & retain the beautiful glow of youth.
Vanilla essential oil for diffuser use is perfect for aromatherapy, for use as a blended skin care oil, and for massage therapy.