Gya Labs Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (10ml) – Floral, Exotic Scent


DON’T LET STRESS TAKE ITS TOLL. Ylang-ylang essential oil is a calming remedy. Best suited for anyone who would like to rest and relax.
ELEVATE SKINCARE. You may use ylang ylang essential oil for skin to scent your skincare. It’s great for those who want captivating appeal.
ALL OUR ESSENTIAL OILS ARE QUALITY-ASSURED FOR YOUR SATISFACTION. If you’re unsatisfied, reach out to us within 365 days for a FULL REFUND.


[FLORAL & SWEET] Find a more confident, calm self growing among the sweet fruit & lightly floral aroma.
[TRANQUIL CONFIDENCE] Create an environment of tranquil happiness that nourishes the being from the inside out.
[NOURISH] Deeply nourish hair for a healthier, more balanced beauty from root to tip using ylang ylang essential oil.
[GENTLY MOISTURIZE] Restore a radiant glow & gently moisturize skin while soothing away irritations.
Ylang-Ylang essential oil is perfect for use within an aromatherapy diffuser, a topical oil blend, and massage therapy.
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