121PERFORM SOUL VIBE Thin TPE Yoga Mat 6 mm – Non-Slip Good Grip Exercise Mat – Eco Friendly suitable for Fitness/Pilates/Carry Straps included Price: £39.99 £27.00 (as of 09/06/2019 07:16 PST- Details)


Yoga is the hidden gem of fitness which just lately has been discovered and given the credit it deserves. Yoga not only helps you stretch and tone the most hard to access muscles of your body but it is also a great mind exercise which you can use to relax and become more present in the current moment.

As most yoga practice is recommended to be done barefoot, this mat was designed with comfort in mind. The smooth surface gives you a pleasant feeling to the touch and it’s thickness ensures that your joints don’t hurt when you’re applying pressure to them. It’s lightweight so you will find the included carry bag and straps very useful as you can easily carry the mat with you at the gym or at the yoga classes. At the end just wipe the sweat with a damp towel and roll it up back in it’s bag.

Being lightweight and easy to carry, they are also a great travel companion so you don’t have any excuses for skipping a workout while away. They are perfect for doing your warm-up and stretching routine as they provide necessary cushioning and an anti-slip surface so you feel comfortable and safe. It is brilliant for doing your morning meditation while away from home as you can place it anywhere and get on with it.

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